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4.Starry-night,-St.Donats web.jpg
2. Vale coast at night. Stradling beach Atlantic College
9.  Meditation in Kyoto, Ryoanji

The images and information on Marten Post, his collection of paintings, drawings, mixed - media and digital prints cover a working period in studios in the Netherlands and Wales. He is based in Kesteren' in the Neder-Betuwe between the rivers Neder-Rijn and Waal not far from the 'Grebbeberg' a reminder of the hills of Wales. His work has travelled the world and is currently in private collections in 23 countries.

You will also find links to different media such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

    HUGO GRYN PROJECT more info to follow

If you are interested in any of the work in the artist collection on the Marten Post site please contact him at

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